Landsbankinn Annual Report

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Landsbankinn's Annual Report 2016

Landsbankinn solidified its position as the largest financial undertaking in Iceland in 2016. The Bank provides individuals, corporations and investors with solid, comprehensive financial services based on long-term business partnerships. Landsbankinn's after-tax profit in 2016 amounted to ISK 16.6 bn as compared with ISK 36.5 bn in 2015, which was the most favourable operating year in the history of the Bank. After-tax ROE in 2016 was 6.6%.

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Iceland's largest financial undertaking

Landsbankinn emphasises being a trusted financial partner to its customers. The Bank practices responsible growth with the aim of benefiting own operations and customers mutually.
121,697 individuals bank with Landsbankinn
12,923 companies bank with Landsbankinn
Branches and outlets at year-end 2016
No. of ATMs / No. of locations
Full-time equivalent positions at year-end 2016
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Landsbankinn's branch network

Landsbankinn has the most extensive branch network of any Icelandic bank. Branches and outlets numbered 37 at year-end 2016.
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Your Landsbankinn

Central to the strategy for the years leading up to 2020 is that the Bank shall be exemplary, a trusted financial partner and a dynamic presence in the community. Landsbankinn aims to excel as a service provider and in communications with customers.